York Association Covenant

Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ
God is Still Speaking

“Never place a period where God has placed a comma”

—Gracie Allen

York Association Covenant

God creates, redeems, and calls us together into one fellowship
where we are accepted, and find identity as members
of Christ’s body. We set and uphold standards
for those called to leadership within our churches.

In accordance with the love of God, incarnate in
Jesus Christ, our Lord, and alive in us through
the Holy Spirit, we are concerned
about each other’s welfare. We recognize our mutual
responsibility. We offer guidance and provide
encouragement. We assist each other in times of
difficulty. We share in each other’s times of joy.

In all things, we look to and respond to the buy accutane on ebay word of God,
so that God might be revealed in us.
We seek to be one as Jesus is one with God.
We know that nothing can separate us from the
love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.