Resource Teams

Conference Resource Teams

Equipping the saints for the work of ministry underlies the goals and intentions that the Maine Conference adopted in our Vision & Mission Plan as well as the Moving Forward Together Strategic Plan. All Conference programmatic activity is now channeled toward more flexible community-based ministries (Resource Teams) that can more directly reflect the priorities and passions of our Conference community. Listed below are the currently established Resource Teams. For more information about current teams or establishing a new team, contact: Rev. Darren L. Morgan, Associate Conference Minister


Anti-Racism: A group of clergy and lay members of the Maine Conference UCC committed to dismantling racism in all its forms. We welcome others to join us. Our main focus is:

  • To identify and provide Anti-racism training and education resources;
  • To be a communication hub, inspiring advocacy in the Maine Conference UCC;
  • To listen for the concerns people of color face in Maine and beyond, and seek to take action; and
  • To discover how the “New Jim Crow” manifests itself in Maine and ways to respond.

Team members: Allison Smith, Linette George, Steve Gray, Sarah Pringle-Lewis, Steve Carnahan, Jim Anderson, Alyssa Lodewick, David Anderman, Martha Phillips, and Chrissy Cataldo.


Clergy Communities of Practice: A Clergy Community of Practice is a peer-to-peer learning and support group for both seasoned and newly ordained clergy. Working with a trained facilitator, participants are given time for prayer and reflection, a place to share issues and concerns that arise in the practice of ministry, share resources, and offer support to each other. The purpose is to deepen connections among the members of the group and to further the development of pastoral skills in a changing church environment.

Team members: Cathie Wallace, Susan Tierney, Larry Zimmerman, and Janet Dorman.


Communications Resource Team: The Communications Resource Team is a group of Maine Conference laity and clergy with the skills and interests to advise and support the work of The Maine Conference as it seeks to create a comprehensive Communications System (outlined in the Moving Forward Together Strategic Plan). The resource team will carry out research and make recommendations to the Mission Council regarding the best practices for coordinating and integrating the Conference’s communications ministries and information technology systems, including print and electronic publications, podcasts and videos, social media networks and websites, synchronous and asynchronous streaming events, distance learning platforms and equipment, and all networks, servers, and computer equipment owned or leased by the conference. These recommendations will include options for an affordable and effective staffing model to develop and sustain an excellent conference-wide communications plan as the Maine Conference grows into a networked, community-based model of governance, staffing and programming.

Team members: Robert Grove-Markwood,  Don Mitchell, Ray Phillips, Robert Guptil, Holly Hancock, and Alyssa Lodewick.


Earthcare and Spirituality: A group of members from congregations of the Maine Conference UCC who undertake and promote caring for the Earth as a spiritual value and as a call for ecological and social justice. The Resource Team takes as its context the widely recognized and documented ecological crisis, experienced locally in different ways pertaining to the ill-health of the surrounding environment and globally as global warming and climate change. It is also recognized and documented that environmental problems at both the local and global level usually have a disproportionate impact on those least empowered to cope with the situation.

Team members: Stephen Hastings, Susan Gilpin, Grace Bartlett, Lalla Caruthers, and Chris Magri.


Faith Formation: The Faith Formation Resource team is a community of people who recognize that Christian Faith Formation and education for all ages is a vital ministry of the Church. It is our goal to resource and support all leaders, laity and clergy, who have responsibility in the area of faith formation and Christian education. A specific aim is to support, strengthen and increase attendance at the NEAUCE (New England Association of United Church Educators) Educational Event.

Team members: Mary Angela Davis, Thayer Fanazick, Wendy Rigter, Nick Davis, and Anne Hodgman.


Honduras Partnership: The Honduras Partnership is a group of people who have devoted energy to maintaining and developing joint projects with the Evangelical and Reform Church of Honduras. We offer opportunities to travel to Honduras for short term construction, medical or other service, and we also facilitate the travel of Hondurans to Maine to meet UCC groups. Thus we help each other move toward a deeper understanding of our cultural, social and theological differences, experiencing our brotherhood in Christ as we work together for peace and justice. It is not necessary to speak Spanish to participate.

Team members: Steve Meyerhans, Bruce Burnham, Carl Wegner, Bob Healy, Craigen Healy, Franklin Anderson, Adam Hicks, Cyndi Hall, May Schumaker, Paul Davis, Bill Walsh, and Chad Poland.


Maine School of Ministry: The Maine School of Ministry is a leadership development program of the Maine Conference established in 2013 as successor to the Conference’s Academy for Congregational Life and Leadership. The School was formed in response to the growing need across our Conference, the region’s Conferences, and our denominational church partners, for a regionally-based, low cost, and sound program of theological education dedicated to preparing leaders for our churches. We aim to provide all persons who feel so moved, from our own and from our partner’s congregations, the educational opportunity to explore their callings to spiritual formation and to preparation for authorized ministry.

Team members: Nick Davis, John Lacey, David Ray, Tim Hall, and Linda Couture.


Mission Implementation Team: The Mission Implementation Team assists the Mission Council in implementing the Moving Forward Strategic Plan, which was approved by the Maine Conference at the October 2014 Annual Meeting.

Team members: Franklin Anderson, Marcia Charles, Tom Hancock, Annette Mott, Herbert Oliver, and Audrey Naese.


Musicians Resource Team: The purpose of this team is to support colleagues in living out their call to minister through sacred music. We seek to support and empower one another serving both tiny and large congregations through prayer, networking, and sharing of resources and ideas.

Team members: Paul Stickney, Jane Kirton, and Peter Stickney. FMI:


Outdoor Ministries: The mission of Outdoor Ministries is to help young people and adults grow as Christians. We achieve this growth through experiences in group living involving exposure to the world of nature, helpful caring relationships, experiences of sharing, recreation, fellowship, and worship. By engaging in purposeful programming, campers and counselors broaden their understanding of God and the world. Together we seek to overcome fears and frustrations and to experience the joy of giving and receiving love. The camp community creates a lifestyle in accordance with Christian values, openness to the Holy Spirit, and the grace of Jesus Christ.

Team members: Karen Choate, Allie Rimkunas, Tim Martin, Dan McGlincey, Adam LaViolet, Marianne Harvey, and Joyce Long.


Pilgrim Lodge Advisory Team: Many of you have heard of the Pilgrim Lodge Task Force. We have changed our name but not our task. The Pilgrim Lodge Advisory Team does just that – advises, listens, suggests, supports, encourages and loves the Outdoor Ministry at Pilgrim Lodge. If you love Pilgrim Lodge, you’ll love the PLAT!

Team members: Anne Roundy, Herb Oliver, Evelyn Clowes, Nita Dehais, Phil Hilton, Jody McDonnell, and Ruth Thibodeau.


Resourcing the Local Church: The Resourcing the Local Church committee distributes earnings from an endowment designed to support Maine Conference church ministries, outreach and physical plant. Our committee of ministers and laity meets quarterly (once in person and three times via conference call) and distributes approximately $25,000 per annum based on need.

Team members: Marty Peak Helman, Cynthia Frye-Macomber, Anita White, Diane Harvey, Stan Primmer, Alice Johnson, Kathy Woodside, Linette George, and Doug Dunlap.


State Youth Council: The State Youth Council (SYC) Resource Team continues the tradition of involving youth in the life of the Maine Conference. Membership will continue to be available to all high school age youth in the Conference or affiliated attending Pilgrim Lodge (PL). Annual membership events include a Beach Day in August, Autumn High School Weekend at PL in conjunction with the Maine Conference Annual Meeting in October, and a Post-Winter Retreat in March in conjunction with the election of the next year’s SYC Executive Committee (EC). All members of the SYC Resource Team will continue to be welcome at any Executive Committee meeting to contribute to the discussions. It is the hope of the current EC that these shared experiences will lead to enriched lives and skills in the youth of the Conference.

Team members: Jody McDonnell (Advisor), Quinn Alexander, Leslie Anne Chatfield (Advisor), Amelia Levesque, Tristan Brunet, Madelyn Day, Laura Hansen, Tessa Alexander, Robert Nicholson, Jacob Wolfe, Izzy Hutnak, and Joshua Crabtree.