Living Water

Committee on Ministry Chair

Rev. Dr. Richard Lord Waddell, Jr.
140 Eastmont Square
Farmington, Maine 04938-7024


Living Water Association (#322)

Annual Meeting shall be held in the spring as determined by the Executive Committee; Semi-Annual Meeting in the fall as determined by the Executive Committee.

Living Water Association Bylaws

Officers and Committees

Moderator: Robert “Bob” Dodge
Vice Moderator: Karyl Condit
Scribe: Chris Magri
Treasurer: Roy Scribner
Committee on Ministry: Rev. Dr. Richard Lord Waddell, Jr.
All Conference Events Resource Team: Andrea Kaplan
General Synod Representative: Lucy Simonds


Augusta Pittsfield
Benton Falls Rangeley
Farmington The Forks
Hallowell Vassalboro
Industry Waterville
Jackman Weld
Monmouth Wilton
New Sharon Winslow
Phillips Winthrop
TOTAL: -18-

Authorized Ministers

Names & Location Authorized Joined Assoc. Employed
Alice Z. Anderman, Waterville 1976 2001 RT
David E. Anderman, Waterville 1975 2000 RT
Deborah J. Blood, Hallowell 2005 2015 CFM
Christina “Chrissy” Cataldo, Winthrop 2009 2014 P
Douglas Dunlap, Farmington 2003 2003 RT
Robert Edgarton, Augusta 2008 2010 RT
George W. Fowler, Jr., Waterville 1967 1967 RT
Lynda Giard, Industry 2014 2014 Licensed-P
Stephen “Steve” L. Hastings, Mount Vernon 1994 2009 PD
F. Gary Hubley, Gardiner 1964 1997 PD
Karen A. Janus, Winthrop 2005 2014 RT
Edgar L. Jones, Portland 1970 1981 RT
*Shinkwang Kim, Monmouth 2015 2015 Licensed-P
Thad Lacassse, Jackman 2015 2015 Licensed-CP
Cynthia N. Lepley, Waterville 1986 1986 CHC
Alice Lester, Pittsfield 2011 2016 P
Jane E. MacIntyre, Augusta 2010 2010 RT
Rhonda McNally, Jackman 2015 2015 Licensed-CP
Lawrence E. Merckens, Vassalboro 1965 1965 P
Margaret E. Proctor, Wilton 1990 2003 RT
John “Jack” C. Quigg, Benton 1967 1972 RT
Susan M. Reisert, Hallowell 1994 1998 P
Kimberly “Kim” C. Shrader, Winslow & Benton Falls 2007 2014 P
David W. Smith, Wilton 1962 2013 P
Katherine “Kathi” G. Smith, Sidney 2003 2003 RT
Heather Sylvester, The Forks 2015 2015 Licensed-P
Susan W. Tierney, Phillips & Weld 2005 2015 P
John R. Tolman, Sr., New Sharon 1961 1970 RT
Richard Lord Waddell, Jr., Farmington 1962 1980 RT
Catherine R. Wallace, Farmington 2003 2003 RT
Mark D. Wilson, Waterville 2007 2014 P

*Dual Standing

Member in Discernment: Kurt Nelson (Waterville), Lucy Simonds (Rangeley), Becky Walker (Rangeley).