Church & Ministry Chair

Rev. Ann T. Purdy
56 Munn Drive
Hermon, Maine 04401
Email: annieat56munn@msn.com

Katahdin Association (#318)
Annual Meeting to be held 4th Sunday in May, Winter Meeting held 4th Sunday in February, Fall Meeting held 4th Sunday in October.

Katahdin Association Bylaws

Katahdin MID Guidelines

Officers and Committees

Moderator: Ben Haskell
Vice Moderator: Linda Murch
Scribe: Beth Coffey
Treasurer: Rev. Chad Poland
Church & Ministry: Rev. Ann Purdy, Chair
All Conference Events Resource Team Representative: Rev. William Walsh
General Synod: Rev. Lee Ann Betz


Amherst/Aurora Holden
Bangor, All Souls Houlton
Bangor, Hammond St Island Falls
Brewer Lincoln
Brownville Milford
Dover-Foxcroft Newport
East Millinocket Old Town/Stillwater (I)
Fort Fairfield Presque Isle
Fort Kent Rockwood
Greenville Sherman
Hampden Springfield
TOTAL: -22-

Authorized Ministers

Names & Location
Authorized Joined Assoc. Employed
Grace M. Bartlett, Brewer 1984 2007 P
Lee Ann Betz, Island Falls 1994 2014 P
Raymond P. Blaisdell, Steuben 1974 1994 RT
Jack C. Brownewell, Brewer 1974 2005 RT
Ernest A. Campbell, Newport 2002 2002 P
Thomas L. Caton, Phillips 1965 1984 RT
Elizabeth M. Coffey, Brownville 2016 2016 Licensed-P
Susan E. Davies, Veazie 1973 1983 RT
Clifton “Cliff” G. Davis, Bangor 1961 1965 RT
Mark Allen Doty, Bangor 1978 2000 P
William L. England, Oxford 1961 1978 RT
Marc A. Fuller, Houlton 1997  2008 RT
Renee U. Garrett, Bangor 1977 1988 CE
Rex H. Garrett, Jr., Bangor 1975 1988 CHC
Linette George, Holden 2013 2013 Licensed-P
Harold D. Grove, Brewer 1973 1988 RT
Robert S. Grove-Markwood, Brewer 1982 1988 EW
James L. Haddix, Holden 1971 1990 RT
William “Bill” Head, Lincoln 1974 2014 UC
*Meg Hegemann, Fort Fairfield 2016 2016 P
Dale W. Holden, Houlton 1986 1988 RT
Connie Insley, Bangor 2012 2012 IN
Maurice “Maury” R. Landry, Bangor 1979 2004 RT
Darren L. Morgan, Glenburn 2004 2004 ACM
Audrey Naese, Bangor 2014 2014 Commissioned
Denis T. Noonan, III, Portland 1967 1976 PS
Chad L. Poland, Bangor 1999 2009 P
Sarah Pringle-Lewis, Bangor 2012 2005 CM
Ann T. Purdy, Hermon 1991 2009 RT
Frederick “Fred” Robie, Jr., Orono 1953 1990 RT
Joshua “Josh” J. Sander, Lincoln 2005 2016 P
*Tim Stohlberg, Presque Isle 1996 2009 P
Gertrude C. Stone, Sullivan 1998 1998 RT
Emily W. Taylor, Orono 2003 2014 RT
Ansley Coe Throckmorton, Bangor 1973 1973 RT
William “Bill” M. Walsh, Jr., Hampden 2011 2011 P
Constance Chase Wells, Damariscotta 1987 1995 RT
*Tracy Reeves, Old Town/Stillwater 2016 P
Henry G. Wyman, Bangor 1955 1996 RT

*Other denomination authorized minister

Member in Discernment: Elizabeth Coffey (All Souls), Linette George (Hammond Street), Cathy Lufkin (East Millinocket).
Privilege of Call:  Amanda McCullough, J. Gregory Music